The Raon ‘EVERUN NOTE’ looks to be pretty powerful


Remember the Raon EVERUN NOTE from yesterday? Turns out that it’s got a little bit of punch under that tiny hood. Raon opted to go with a 64-bit dual-core AMD Turion chip instead of, say, a more mobile-friendly Atom or VIA chipset. You’ll lose out on the battery life that you’d get from Intel or VIA – the EVERUN NOTE will top out at around 2.5 hours – but you’ll gain what appears to be an assload of speed and power.

Here are two benchmarks of the EVERUN NOTE using CrystalMark 2004 R3, one of the notebook in Auto mode, which I’ll assume is like a normal processing mode, and one in power saving mode, which is likely running on batteries.


Compare the above benchmarks from Raon’s notebook to the below benchmark of a 1.6GHz Intel Atom chip running inside the Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 from a post over on


You’ll see that the AMD chip handily outpaces the Atom chip in both Auto and Power Saving modes. Couple grains of salt, though. The benchmarking done on the EVERUN NOTE was done by Raon, so it’d be nice to see it tested independently. Also, remember that one of the huge plusses of the Atom chips is super long battery life. Power and speed isn’t really high on the list of features. Still, a common complaint of these tiny netbooks is that they’re woefully underpowered. Looks like the EVERUN NOTE might be able to perform admirably for such a small machine.

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