Yamaha BD2900 Blu-ray player leaked

CEDIA is right around the corner, so AV heads can count on a slew of new high-def gear dropping and Yamaha isn’t disappointing. Word is that their latest Blu-ray player — the BD2900 — should drop in November, packed to the chassis full of goodies. 1080p/24fps-compatible HDMI, 12-bit Deep Colour, BONUSVIEW, and other standard fair for high-end equipment. In fact, there might not be anything that Yamaha left out of this $1,199 puppy. The unit might just become a reference player for some, but then again, CEDIA is sure to be full of other uber-high players. After all, the event does house $110K Runco projectors and 10-foot tall CAT speakers.

via EngadgetHD