Got a couple million to spare? Buy a 64-terabyte solid state drive setup

Remember the RAM-SAN 500, that flash RAID array that basically is the fastest thing on the earth right now? Well, if you’re a special effects artist or run a huge, high speed media database or something, you might need a little more space than they have available. So what do you do? You stack eight of them on top of one another and you run that thing as one hell of a high-speed storage solution.

It goes at 800,000 I/Os per second, has 12GB/s of bandwidth, and uses only 2.5KW of power – that’s about three high-end power supplies’ worth.

Don’t have quite that amount of scrilla? Well, you can always pick up the more budget solution, but it’s only 6.5TB of high-speed flash memory. Normally I’d flip my bit over something like that, but after seeing that RAM-SAN array, everything else seems to have gotten its volume turned down a bit.