MacBook Air getting new proc, HDD, battery

Come September, we’re expecting a whole bushel of Apple improvements. I’m looking forward to a completely new MacBook Pro for use with Snow Leopard, but those of you more concerned with form than function will be happy to hear that the MacBook Air will be getting spec’ed up too. It’s been reported that the new line of Airs will sport 120GB/160GB optional HDDs, a Penryn-based processor instead of the custom Merom Core2 touted at its debut, and will have a better battery.

The upgraded parts will probably suck up the new battery’s capacity, so don’t go looking for extended life, but at least you’ll be able to get more done during those few hours. Expect a new charger as well. I’d still go for a MacBook or MBP over one of these prissy little things, but at least they’re a little less underpowered now.