Memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers


It’s all about convergence. It’s all…about…convergence. Howsabout a sweet memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers? Plug in your portable audio player or, hell, plug it right into your computer to hear that sweet Eudora jingle every time you get a new e-mail. Eudora’s still cool, right?

Anyhoo, I have no idea how long this wonderful product has been in existence but I just noticed it as a new product in the latest SkyMall catalog, which invariably means that it’s about to take the world by storm. By storm, I tell you! Plus, it’s from the same people who brought you the MP3 blackout shades. How could it miss?!

Get it from Skymall for $39.99 or on sale directly from Smarthome for $36.90.