Motorola ZN200 goes global

After a month long exclusive premier in Brazil, the MOTO ZN200 has made its way to Motorola’s global site. Know what that means? Motorola will be releasing the ZN200 …somewhere else! Hurray!

We’ll have to wait to see exactly where it pops up, but it oughtta hit someone’s shelves in the next month and a half or so. It’s like an easter egg hunt, where first person to find out where it’s going wins the ability to buy the ZN200. It’s not exactly the most heavily anticipated or most feature-packed handset, so expect it somewhere in the low/low-mid price range.

The Specs:

  • 2 MP Camera with 8x zoom (fixed focus)
  • 1.9″ TFT
  • Video Capture and Playback at 15-20 fps
  • CrystalTalk
  • 2GB MicroSD support

Hah – and you all thought today would be a slow news day!

[Via Slashphone]