NBC equipped with 500 terabytes for '08 Olympic Games

There is a nausiating amount of ’08 Olympic video coverage this year, and all we really want to watch is a little Table Tennis. There is so much video recording that for every 24 hour day, there is 212 hours being recorded onto massive media servers. Seagate hooked NBC up with 20 Omneon MediaDeck servers that hold a total of 500,000 gigabytes, or 500 terabytes, for the task. Plus, while the video is being recorded and stored in China, a second array in NYC is also storing the info. Crazy. 

So far the equipment seems to be doing the job as the HD video feeds have looked great and we haven’t seen, nor heard, of any picture issues.

[photo source: Flickr]

UPDATE: Brian from central NC has spotted a good amount of HD issues on his Time Warner hookup. Anyone else?