Polo Ralph Lauren to launch 'shop by cell phone' in US – What?!?

Image source: Cellular-news

Picture it now. A Ralph Lauren boardroom full of green MBAs, ripe in their late twenties, tweeting away on their iPhones. Suddenly, one of the suits light bulb pops on: “Gentleman, we need to embrace the online marketplace and provide our customers innovative shopping solutions.” (Those playing the corporate drinking game can now take three shots: embrace, innovate & solutions)

“Our brand is classy, up-scale, and educated, so this must be a hit. Never mind that our average loaded, old geezer can’t figure out his DTV box, he should be able to download our proprietary software onto his cell phone. Polo Ralph Lauren will be on the forefront of digital convergence.” (One more shot for ‘convergence.’)

All joking aside, the deets are as follows: special codes will hit print ads, mailings, and store windows starting next month. Software will need to be downloaded into a users phones, where they can order what they see. Phones with pre-installed, code-reading software are said to hit the market next year.

UPDATE: Pics of at an ad will look like after the break.