Sony's Eyetoy swordfighting game to battle Wii's MotionPlus to the death

Although the swordfighting game in Wii Sports Resort is cartoonish and non-decapitatory, it’s still probably the most serious swordfighting game in the business. Afraid of Nintendo gaining a monopoly on yet another slice of the gaming pie, Sony has been working on an Eyetoy-based sword game called Hero. It’s story-driven and uses a prop sword, which it tracks with pixel-perfect accuracy.

Unfortunately, its motion is limited to the two-dimensional surface seen by the camera; any third axis motion would have to be interpreted from angle or what have you. However, it also allows for things like, say, putting your sword in your scabbard or holding it behind your back, things that would be difficult to describe in Wii gestures but could easily be done with the Eyetoy. Could be fun, could be weak — I look forward to finding out which.