Couch-fishing gets real with this new Japanese robot
Here comes another robot fish from Japan. Starting today, toymaker Nakajima [JP] ships “Dynamic Fishing”, a toy kit that consists of an angling rod, a lure and a robotic fish. The set is Nippon-only, but If you are interested and live outside Japan, you can order it via Amazon Japan [JP/ENG] for $27 plus shipping.

The fish is passably similar to a real bass, 22.5cm long and – according to Nakajima – able to swim elegantly, like a real animal. It even moves its lips like a fish in nature. Judging from the video, this seems to be a slight exaggeration.

The robo bass starts to swim automatically after you put it into your bath tub, for example, and will supposedly shy away if you behave too clumsily. However, if the fish jumps for the lure and can’t escape anymore, it’s time to reel it slowly in, while it’s still floundering.

Nakajima has chosen adults as their main target group and claims playing with their robo fish is a good way to practice in order to become a bass hunter in real life. The company showcased their toy during this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.