McCain, technology, and you

John McCain’s technology plan was released yesterday. Since the plan is from a politician, obviously you might want to approach with skepticism, but click through for our summery. In no way does this reflect the views and/or opinions of Crunchgear, we’re just summarizing the long-ass article for you.

Encourage Investment in Innovation

  • Low taxs and tax breaks for research and development 



Ensure the American Workforce is Skilled and Ready to Lead the Technological Revolution

  • Education in tech fields including retaining for displaced workers
  • Allow for more work visa’s to insure America has the best talent 



Global Marketplace and Open World Trade

  • More fair trade agreements
  • Vague piracy policy but does state piracy is a global epidemic

Protect Inventors Intellectual Property

  • Patent system underfunded and understaffed
  • Protect intellectual property around the globe *cough* China *cough*
  • New way to dispute patent claims instead of with expensive litigation

Internet Free From Government Regulation

  • Lightly regulated internet has produced enormous benefits – should stay that way – BUT
  • John McCain does not believe in prescriptive regulation like “net-neutrality,” but rather he believes that an open marketplace with a variety of consumer choices is the best deterrent against unfair practices. 

Ensure America is a Connected Nation

  • Broadband for all!

That’s it folks. The original offers tons of bathroom reading and can be found here.

photo source: AP