Microsoft now has a blog about Windows 7's development


Microsoft has a blog about Windows 7 now. It’s called E7, and it’s aimed at people like us, people who scrutinize the development (or lack thereof) of Windows to the nth degree. It’s supposed to be a conversation, right, about how they’re making Windows 7. The blog will primarily be written by two senior project managers, along with occasional input from the rest of the Windows 7 team.

Now the bad. First, it reads a little too much like a press release for my liking; there’s like three linking verbs in the whole thing. It’s like the copy staff is sitting there making every sentence sing. It just feels rigid, which is not how blogs should ideally be. Second, it’s written by two project managers, guys whose job it is to make sure Windows 7 is the best it can be, from the top down. You know what would make a more interesting blog? Just give it to the everyday engineers and make it anonymous. That way, they can rant—well this feature is a load of bunk, but they’d fire me if I ever voiced my opinion—and give us a truly unfiltered “insider’s” view of its development.

A good effort nonetheless. Hopefully it’ll still be an interesting read.