New Senseo machines use milk for fancy coffee drinks


Coffee snobs will likely tell you that Philips’ Senseo coffee makers can’t make a decent cup of coffee compared to $10,000+ professional-grade coffee brewers. That’s probably true and I’m not a coffee snob. I had the original Senseo machine way back when it came out and the coffee it was able to make was good enough to keep me from spending $3 a day for a cup of black gold from my nearby coffee chain.

So this new model that’s coming out will make the same frothy coffee as the original Senseo machines, but with an added milk container that’ll whip you up a latte or cappuccino. Very nice. It’ll be called the Select Latte Senseo HD7850.

It’s been announced in Germany with a suggested retail price of $190 Euro, which seems a bit steep considering you can get a regular Senseo machine here in the states for well under $100. So maybe the US pricing will be a bit lower. It’ll be available in September — in Germany, at least. I’d assume we’d see it here in time for the holidays.

[via Single Serve Coffee]