Speedo taking orders for LZR Racer – Michael Phelps' swimsuit

Who doesn’t wanna be like Mike? Greatest athlete in his sport of all time. Incredible focus. Huge wingspan. Gigantic feet. Total dominance. 

Why not pick up the same suit he is wearing: the Speedo LZR Racer. Speedo is taking pre-orders now and honestly, it isn’t that much. After all, Phelps has helped prove that this swimsuit is the fastest in the world. Plus, the LZR is comprised of a three piece 3D pattern all made out of Speedo’s proprietary Fastskin material to fit the body and glide through the water perfectly.

So for only $550 bucks, you too can be just like Mike. Just think of all the envious rich kids at your high-school swim meets. That is if their trust-fund laden ‘rents didn’t get them one too. 

via Uncrate