DIY MP3 clock: DIY in Chinese means "Buy it from us wholesale"

Not only does this clock look absolutely insane (you basically pick sounds and “stack” them under Windows, adding Frog, Cuckoo, and Hammer noises to your morning wake-up call) it was pitched to us as a product that we at CrunchGear might want to sell. While CrunchGear employees and friends have sold blood, sperm, pot, Arby’s roast beef, and looked at the occasional pile of poop on a plate to the delight of perverse, rich bar-goers (true story!), we do no sell MP3 alarm clocks.

My name is Melody Hsiao, the new Sales Manager in MSC. 
We understand you represent the biggest sale channel in your field, we wish to introduce an awesome product to you for your reference. 

The MS-092  DIY MP3 Alarm Clock.
User can browse, preview, select and edit more than 30 different combinations of alarm sounds from supplied Sound Bank, it’s fully DIY; you can also record your own voice or download an MP3 song from any CD by simply using our MP3 Clock Writer program to personalize your own alarm clock. It is a brilliant gift for your friends, family. 

Please find photos attached for your reference. You are also welcome to visit our website at
Samples and product information are available upon request.

Best regards,

Melody Hsiao
Sales Manager
My-Space Corporation