DTV Transition now less than six months away

Americans are now less than six months away from the analog to digital transition. Barring any legislative roadblocks, February 17th, 2009 should be the last day of analog broadcasts. Some stations might have an extra two weeks due to the NAB quite period but don’t count on your station staying lit. We just don’t want to see anyone lose their television signals because of procrastination, so here’s a quick check-up to see if you and your family is prepare. Keep in mind, cable and satellite subscribers do not need to do anything.

Antenna users, take notes.

  • Your current antenna might work just fine, but there are plenty of options at local big box AV stores if you want something fresh.
  • You need a digital tuner. Most TVs bought in the last 2-years probably have one. It’s called ATSC.
  • If you don’t have one, the government is giving out vouchers for $40 off retail units. It should cost you very little after the voucher. Limit two per household.
  • Try out your antenna with the digital tuner before the shut-off date. Digital stations will either come in 100% or not at all. 
  • Your antenna might need micro-adjusting too. AntennaWeb will show you where to point your antenna.

Oh, and don’t forget about your family. Ma and Pa might not know their sets will go dark in less than six months if they don’t do something. It’s up to you buddy.