Sony Japan presents stand-alone DVD writer/recorder for Handycam owners

Sony Japan today unveiled a new DVD writer [JP] for the living room, which makes it possible to record and view video from camcorders on 12cm DVDs without using a PC. The VDR-MC10 will hit Japanese stores October 10th and is expected to cost $410.

The device is Nippon-only at this point. However, given it’s tailor-made for use with Sony’s Handycam brand (which spread all over the globe), a release outside Japan doesn’t seem to be impossible.

Users can store their HD video material on DVD, check it on the device’s 2.7 inch-LCD screen and later watch it in high definition on their TVs (via HDMI). HDR-SR12/SR11/TG1/CX12 handycams, for example, can be connected to the writer via USB and then only the push of one button is needed to transfer the video on DVD (formats supported: 12cmDVD, DVD+R/-R、DVD+RW/-RW and DVD+R DL).

The discs are also compatible to the Playstation 3 and any AVCHD-supporting hardware.