Apple kills the MobileMe status blog, starts up MobileMe News

We mentioned last week that the MobileMe blog had been awfully silent lately, which lead us to wonder if it had been nixed.

Sure enough, ol’ David G. updated the blog one final time to let everyone know that, after just three posts, they’d be flipping the switch. They’re not killing communications all together, however – they’re just making the jump from bloggers to hard hitting news, replacing the Status blog with a MobileMe News page. In other words, it’s the same thing with less word fluff and no name at the bottom of each post.

Apple is opening the News page on a good note, announcing an extra 60 days of credit for anybody who dealt with MobileMe in its broken fledgling state. That brings the total amount of free time up to 90 days. Seems like early adopters are getting the love they deserve for once.

Good bye, David G. We hardly didn’t know you.