High-def coming to Neuros OSD2.0 platform

We’ve featured Neuros’s wares on Crunchgear before, so we’re glad to see the DIY Linux systems mature to high definition age. Their latest box, the OSD2.0, aimed at developers is going to have the capability. Yeah, you read that correctly, as of right now it doesn’t but as soon as the functionality is available, a firmware refresh will add it. Once you throw in the ‘coming-soon’ HD specs, this is one nice platform.

  • D1(720×480) H.264 or SVGA (1024×768) MPEG4 + AAC/AC3/MP3 encoding
  • 720P playback, up to 1080i with certain content
  • Support H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV codec
  • Composite/Component Input: 2 composite input, 1 component input, all with dedicated stereo audio
  • Composite/Component/HDMI Video Output
  • RCA Audio I/O
  • 2 USB ports in rear, 1 in front, and 1 internal to housing

The unit is retailing for $249.99 and by the end of the month, Linux PVR coders should be able to get the first batch. The Inquirer happened to get an early unit for those wanting for a closer look.