Treo Pro officially bows early, then gets pulled off stage

So on the 21st, Palm is going to make the Treo Pro official but the leaks keep flowing. Next up was the official press photos, but all we managed to grab was a screenshot before those were pulled. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything new announced. Some Palm fanboys are still holding out for HSDPA but that doesn’t look good.

Palm has unveiled a new moble device, the Treo Pro smartphone. The new phone features a one-touch Wi-Fi button, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 and a high-resolution flush color touch screen. Available video includes the Treo Pro smartphone and Palm headquarters.

It’s just a bit sad that the Palm’s levies were breached and out poored the info so quickly. Let’s try to keep it classy in the future Palm.

Update: We managed to grab one of the pics. Screenshot after the jump.

Update 2: Video added after the break.