AT&T introduces Sony Ericsson W350 Walkman

Oh, the W350. You’re so beautiful when you’re closed. Pop open that flip-down cover over the number pad, however, and everyone starts to wonder how they made such a slim phone in 1989.

Two-faced aesthetics aside, AT&T launched the W350 this morning alongside the LG Invision. For 30 bucks after a $50 dollar rebate and a 2-year agreement, the W350 packs quad-band GSM, a 1.3 megapixel shooter, and M2 Memory Stick support. It comes in “Ice Blue”, “Electric Black”, or .. “White”. White doesn’t get an exciting name? Did SE fire the naming guy after the best thing he could come up with for black was “Electric”?

Check out a shot of the W350 in its nostalgia-inducing, keypad-exposed form over at MobileCrunch >>