AT&T launches the LG Invision

You love watching live TV on the go, but you face the same problem as all of us: They just don’t make pants with pockets big enough to carry your TV set. Even if it does fit, you’re sure as hell not going to squeeze your set-top box and a bunch of remotes in there too. AT&T’s come up with a crazy solution: instead of making the pant pockets bigger, make the TV-watching-gizmo smaller. Groundbreaking!

AT&T and LG today announced the LG Invision, which they’re quick to point out is the smallest phone compatible with AT&Ts mobile TV offerings. At around 4 inches tall by 1/2 an inch thick, it’s much more likely to fit in your pocket – plus, it happens to pack a 1.3 megapixel camera, XM Radio, Bluetooth with A2DP, quad-band GSM and dual-band HSDPA, and support for up to 8 GB microSD. You can nab one today at your local AT&T spot for 99 ducats on a 2-year contract.