DreamWorks and Intel commit to 3D with InTru3D

The recently announced DreamWorks and Intel partnership was expanded upon today with the announcement of InTru3D. The new mark was unveiled by DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg at IDF. A clip from Kung-Fu Panda was specifically rendered in 3D for the announcement, wowing the audience with flying spears and falling rocks.

Katzenberg announced that starting in 2009, all DreamWorks features will be authored in 3D. Calling 3D integration was a paradigm shift, he stated (again) that this “was not your fathers 3D”. By holding up a pair of the familiar red/green paper glasses, he called the old way of watching 3D almost comparable to a “cheap gimmick”.

With them kind of fighting words, one would expect to see some pretty bad-ass new tech, drowning us in 3D. However, nothing too new or shocking was unveiled beyond the commitment between Intel and DreamWorks to continue to develop the InTru3D brand. That being said, the clips that were viewed were pretty damn impressive.

In fact, the audience was treated to a short clip from the upcoming film (in theaters 3/09) Monsters vs. Aliens. That blurry character you see up there is The Prez (complete with Ronnie hair) as voiced by Stephen Colbert. You can’t see it in 3D of course, but I did, and it looks cooooool. The tech may still rely on polarized glasses and separate video streams for the left and right eyes, but if this is the type of thing we’re gonna be seeing out of the partnership, then we’re in for some good shows.