Nippon gets its first Blu-ray featuring nothing but a gravure idol (=semi-nude girl)

This took longer than expected: On October 22, Tokyo-based media and interactive content provider VAP [JP] will release Japan’s first “gravure idol” Blu-ray.

Gravure idols are basically just Japanese models who pose in bikinis, kimonos or cosplay clothing for magazines and newspapers, but also for photo books, TV shows and DVDs. This means people pay up to $50 for a disc (or more) and get to see their dream girls walking around the beach, talking about their favorite type of men etc. (no posing nude and no sex scenes involved).

The first girl to be featured in full Blu-ray glory (16:9, 1080i) is Yukie Kawamura, a 22-year old Hokkaido native who will show us the beauty of Hawaii. I am a big fan. If you are interested but don’t live in Nippon, I am sure Amazon Japan or CD Japan will soon let you preorder the Blu-ray.

Be warned though: Its MSRP is $55 and it’s only 40 minutes long. At least there are no language barriers and the Blu-ray regional code is the same (in Japan and North America at least).