For Tokyo tourists and watch geeks only: Seahope's awesome Yamanote line LED watch

The so-called Yamanote line is Tokyo’s most important commuter rail line, circling the center of the city and connecting all major train stations. Now, watchmaker Seahope Japan is selling a series of unique LED watches [JP], which look like the bulletin boards commonly used on the stations along the loop line.

4 different models are available: Shinjuku station, Shinagawa, Ebisu and Ikebukuro. Apart from displaying the current time and date, the watches double as portable time tables for train departures and arrivals at these stations.

Seahope says the display is extra-sharp because they used OLED screens for their Yamanote watches. Their limited editions are officially licensed from the railway network operating the line, priced between $210 (leather strap) and $230 (metal band) and can be purchased in the company’s online store [JP].

Via Akihabara News