New Lowepro bags baggin' it up this month

Lowepro has a metric bushel (you heard me) of bags coming out, new and “new to you.” As always, they look perfectly decent and you know they’re going to be solid. Hit the link below for more info on the new gear.

I think we can assume all of these are reasonably padded and come in a couple colors.

Terraclime: the basic messenger-bag-like bag. Recycled material, comes in several sizes.

CompuPrimus and PrimusMinimus: Combination DSLR carrier and laptop bag. The larger CompuPrimus is pictured and has an integrated laptop shade, which seems a little weird to me, but hey. Half recycled material.

Slingshot 350: Single strap, sling-style camera bag with room for lenses and accessories, plus space for a laptop under them. Looks a bit cramped.

Flipside 400
: Backpack-style camera bag. Bigger than the last version.

: “For her.” Tiny things that conceal unfashionable brushed aluminum from hyper-critical “friends”.