Rumor: Activision may allow you to recover all those old Guitar Hero tracks you bought

rumorThis is solely based on conjecture from my meeting with Activision the other week where I demoed a slew of games including GH:WT, but after Harmonix’s announcement that you’d be able to export RB1 tracks to RB2, it got me thinking. Prior to my meeting with Activision I was chatting it up with a few guys from Rockstar Games and were generally nerding out about upcoming video games. One of the chaps from R* mentioned that he was pissed off that the tracks he purchased in previous GH titles were now useless since he’d moved on to the newer titles and I know this is how many of you feel about it.

Anyway, I asked the product managers of GH:WT if we’d be able to import tracks we’ve all previously purchased in past editions. They said they weren’t ready to talk about it just now, so I’m led to believe that something is in the works.