Transferring Rock Band tracks to Rock Band 2


And now, the details about how you’ll be able to transfer the tracks from the first Rock Band game to Rock Band 2, which will be released for Xbox 360 on September 14th.

According to MTV Multiplayer, when Rock Band 2 is released on the 14th for Xbox 360, the original Rock Band will get a software update that’ll add an export feature. You’ll be able to export the songs to your console’s hard drive after paying a fee that “will not exceed $5.” The fee is because MTV Games has to pay licensing fees to the original content owners for moving the song from the first game to the second game. There will be a code that comes with Rock Band 2 that you’ll have to enter during the original Rock Band export process.

So then when you fire up Rock Band 2, the songs that you exported from the first game will be there. Will all the songs from the first game be there? That’s up in the air at the moment. It’s been speculated that a handful of the songs might not be transferable. Also, it appears that you’ll be able to perform this trick with rented copies of each of the games, too. So it looks like you’d be able to buy Rock Band 2, rent Rock Band, and transfer the songs over. You’d just have to pay the $5 fee.

It’s likely that the same exporting function would work on the PS3. The Wii, however, seems a little trickier since it doesn’t have the storage capacity of the Xbox 360 or PS3. It’ll likely be a no-go or maybe you could do some SD card trickery.