Albatron's "Tee PC" is almost good

I like that companies are putting out little stripped down tablets, it means we’re moving into the future. But I can’t congratulate Albatron just yet. If you are going to embrace the future with a stripped down device intended for ubiquity and accessibility, for god’s sake don’t install Windows CE on it. Load it up with Xubuntu or some other flavor of low-end-compatible free OS. Nobody is going to run anything but a browser or media player on the thing, why would you complicate things by bringing Microsoft into the equation?

Aside from having CE and being shamelessly dubbed the “Tee PC,” it actually looks like a perfectly decent little device. It’s only 400MHz, with 128MB of RAM, but its screen is 800×480, which is big enough to watch DVD-quality video or browse the web without zooming in and out all the time. I’m concerned that they put quotes around “touch” in “touch” screen, though. This thing better be cheap as hell.