DIY photography of Miroslav Tichý

Here’s the skinny: Czech born, Prague Academy of Arts educated and Communist opposer. Miroslav Tichý eventually took nearly 100 photos a day on his homemade cameras. 

Build from scraps, such as metal plates, crown caps, rubber bands, cardboard, scotch tape, and plexi glass, his awkward yet masterful cameras display an ingenious inventiveness.

Time consumed many details of his life, and all that seems to have survived is his photos. In a somewhat creepy manner, he took photos of women — lots of ’em too. 

In his photographs the Czech artist renders a whole universe of female figures. He captures women strolling through the city, sunbathing by the swimming pool, chatting with neighbours, or going shopping. Other women are photographed from the TV screen. Sometimes they are unaware of the observer, sometimes unopposed, sometimes angry. Their ankles, faces and torsos dominate the composition.

We can look past that social transgression though ’cause the man built some bad-ass DIY cameras. Amazing. Simply stunning.

Tichy via MAKE