Duh: Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC looks really good


Grand Theft Auto IV comes out for the PC this fall, but Rockstar’s in Leipzig showing it off at the Games Convention. It’s the same game you’ve already played to death, but running at a much higher resolution. Like, 2560×1600. Gaming in 1080p on a plasma isn’t so impressive when you’re a PC gamer. (But I’m not so it doesn’t bother me.)

Other than an overall higher resolution, the game benefits from higher-res textures, better streaming, longer draw distances, and better anti-aliasing. The multiplayer game also has some improvements, like a higher player number limit.

If you’re ever played the PS2 GTA games on the PC, then you know just how big an improvement the PC version is over the console one. It’s enough to make you want to play through again.