Sony S-Air Play, XROSS FADE: One's a multi-room speaker system, the other's for DJs


You’re looking at the Sony S-Air Play, one of those multi-room audio systems used by the filthy rich such as John McCain and Peter Ha. It’s got all the normal things you’d expect from such a device, including iPod/iPhone connector, built-in radio, etc. That it’s wireless, meaning that you can link a bunch of these together all over the house and have them play the same thing, is an added bonus.


This little guy is the XROSS FADE, which is not the name of a hip-hop act from 1984. Rather, it’s a DJ system that lets wankers mix between two audio sources, including the iPod, CDs, AM/FM radio, etc. Mix in Sean Hannity yelling “five and a half years, Alan!” with the latest Radio Slave song and you’ll be on the Copenhagen circuit never.

The S-Air Play will run you around $400, and the XROSS FADE is $500. Look for them sometime next week, maybe.