Asus announces gaming, multimedia and executive notebooks

Aside from the scented notebooks, Asus also announced two gaming notebooks, a quick boot notebook available in five shades and the best business notebook available, so they say. We’ll start with the gaming platforms, the G50V and G71V. The G50V is available with a 15.4- or 15.6-inch widescreen while the G71V sports a 17-inch display. Both include a 1600dpi gaming mice and Siberia Steel Gaming Headset along with a second display. Specs for the G50V are on the left and G71V on the right.

The B50A is outfitted with the latest Intel Centrino 2 proc, a spill resistant keyboard capable of rejecting liquids up to 120cc, a built-in LED light for the keyboard when you need to type in the dark and Express Gate for an eight-second quick boot.

Express Gate for 8 Seconds* Boot-Up and Instant Online
This additional built-in operating system makes available a host of the most commonly used applications to users instantly, including web browser, instant messenger, Skype, photo manager, music player and online games. With this truly convenient, instant access to the Internet, users can now send a last-minute email before rushing off to work, browse the Web in between appointments and reach friends and family via instant messenger all in the blink of an eye. In addition, Express Gate has also effectively created two computers in one, allowing the primary user to share the use of the computer with complete peace of mind. When under the Express Gate environment, Internet access, music and photos can be shared without altering the files and setup in the Windows operating system reserved for personal use.

Rounding out the latest line of notebooks from Asus is the F8. It’s a multimedia juggernaut available in five colors: blue, black, maroon, pink or white. Equipped with a high performance 3D graphics card, built-in TV tuner with a remote control that has its very own slot. This too comes with Express Gate.