Vudu: 1,000 HD titles coming along with a lifetime content warranty

Vudu has big plans for their IP-based content delivery service. Big plans and we don’t mean that .99 cent rental thing

“In a very short time we’ll have 1,000 HD titles,” says Donnigan. “That’s more than Blu-ray. We have some huge deals.”

That’s a lot of high-def content. More than any service we can think of. But also, the company wants to help recovery lost movies due to a hard drive failure by offering a lifetime content warranty. That’s very kind of Vudu; you did pay for the flicks in the first place.

The long-term future of Vudu maybe in question — after all, how many digital delivery systems do we need — but if they lead the HD title race, they just might have a bright future. More info certainly to come at CEDIA.

via CEDIANews