Cowon announces two new portable media players


After about a half-year break from making anything substantial, the well-rested Cowon has just announced two new portable media players. The S9, seen above, will be primarily geared towards light portable computing and more with a 3.3-inch 480×272 AMOLED display, 500 MHz dual-core CPU (Atom, possibly?), capacitive touchscreen, TV-out, voice recorder, digital TV (T-DMB), Bluetooth, and music/movie/photo/document viewers. It’s also got a built-in dictionary.


The Cowon O2 will feature a 4.3-inch touchscreen, movie/music/photo/text viewer, T-DMB, dictionary, recorder, and 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of storage plus an SD card slot, TV-out, and a built-in speaker.

No word on price or availability but Cowon usually releases its stuff in Korea first, followed by a worldwide release a month or so afterwards. Here in the states, these units would be missing the T-DMB antenna and possibly the dictionary feature.

[via CNET Asia]