Make that the Olympus 1040, 1050


So that earlier hogwash re: some new Olympus digital camera. Turns out the new cameras are actually the 1040 and 1050.

Both cameras are due for release this October, with the 1040 coming in at $199 and the 1050 at $299.

The 1040 is supposed to be Olympus’ slimmest Stylus-branded digital camera, one with most of the odds and ends you’d expect from a camera nowadays. This includes face and smile detection. Smile detection focuses on your subject’s pearly whites, then fires off three shots in quick succession, ensuring (hopefully) that you’ve captured their visage. There’s even a club mode, which enables up to 16 separate focus points, so that you get everyone’s face in those dumb club shots, like this one.

For $100 more, the 1050 bests the 1040 with its rugged design, able to fall from as high as five feet with no ill effects; able to go 10 feet underwater; able to survive 14-degree Fahrenheit temps, etc. It’s tough, in other words. There’s also something called Tap Control, which uses a 3D accelerometer as an input method. I don’t get it either.

By far, though, the best part of these cameras is the very first sentence of 1040 press release: “Olympus today debuts the Stylus 1040, the thinnest Stylus camera of all time, and wins serious style points with a bold, stylish look.” How many times can one use the word “style” in a single sentence?