NY comptroller urges re-engineering of state-wide radio network

An actual image from a Tyco party held for Dennis Kozlowski’s wife

The State of New York has been trying to implement a state-wide radio network for first responders ever since everyone had a really shitty day about seven years ago. Luckily, political infighting and inept contractors have ensured the project will almost never be finished as an audit of Tyco Electronics (not to be confused with the “She was s’pose to buy ya shorty Tyco with ya money” Tyco) found that the system had major problems and could be scrapped.

“After three rounds of failed testing, it is apparent that this system is not ready to move forward. M/A-COM has not met its contractual obligations and New York can’t afford to spend $2 billion on a system that doesn’t work right,” he said.

$2 billion for a state-wide radio system is a bit steep but it is essentially a private cellular network with plenty of failover. However, if the damn thing is failing regularly perhaps they should rethink their vendor. I here FireDog does good install work.