Sony's new earbuds are ergonomically Cinnabon-shaped

I guess Sony got enough complaints about its earbuds that they actually decided to address the design decision at the root of them, namely that the fundamental shape of the earpiece was incompatible with the human ear. The new MDR-EX500SL is designed with a UFO-ish style, almost like a cinnamon roll — a Sonybon, if you will — and is meant to accommodate the folds of the pinna more comfortably. I think Google Translate says it best:

The unit is to be perpendicular to the ear canal, ear hole BUTSUKARAZU unit, to further peace can be inserted at the back of its features.

That’s good, because my last pair of Sonys really hurt my ear hole BUTSUKARAZU unit. They will cost ¥10,000, or about $85-90. If you believe the press release, they were released two years ago, but I don’t really remember that happening, so I’m guessing they mean October 10th of two thousand and eight.