Stella Artois-branded PSP: That's a fancy beer, midwesterners


Stella Artois is a non-offensive beer best consumed while watching non-American sports like the Champions League or the Tri Nations. The Sony PSP is a portable video game system best enjoyed after it’s been loaded with a custom firmware and decked out with emulators and the like.

But a Stella Artois PSP? Madness.

The PSP isn’t an official Sony product, but rather represents the handiwork of Fosters’ sales team. (Remember, Fosters is Australian for “beer.”) It’s got the lager’s logo on the back of the system itself, and comes with a cloth case that just so happens to have the Stella logo for all to see. Some 50 of these were produced.

Now, if someone makes a Miller High Life version, then we can all celebrate. To quote Opie and Anthony producer Danny Ross, it’s the champagne of beers.

via Kotaku