The Register rips on Amazon and Goog's cloud computing

This is a great editorial. The author takes shots at Amazon’s EC2, Google’s App Engine, and “green” tech in general. I’m not convinced of the utter shamelessness and opportunism he accuses the companies of, but it’s nice to hear a little venom about these bleeding-edge products that claim such high ground.

I do like this bit, though:

I do have to give both Google and Amazon some credit, though. Both noticed that the only ones to make any real money off of the California gold rush were the outfitters who sold mining equipment.

Difference is, now they’re mining you!

Update: Had too much fun making the image. More in the more.

Yeah… I probably should have gone with the “less is more” approach on this one. But it was too much fun. I had to stop myself from using Google “O”s as eyes.