Canon officially drops 50D, new point-and-shoots

In true camera company style, Canon has gone and released about five million cameras all at once, and it falls to yours truly to summarize the pages and pages of PR into something readable at a glance. I’d scribble it on a napkin and scan it if I could, but I learned better than that at blogger school.

We’ve already covered the 50D, but these new point-and-shoots are virgin territory. Shall we, then? Click on through for all the stats on the new A-, E-, and S-series cameras.

To be honest, they’re extremely straightforward, even more so than normal point-and-shoots, so I’ll just give you the basics. They all feature optical image stabilization (nice) and the usual shooting modes, face detection, and so on.

Let’s go in alphabetical order, like we found these filed at a liberry. Cameras not shown at actual size.

and A2000 ($200 and $250, respectively)

Both the A1000 and A2000 have 10 megapixels and the same extra features. Difference is the A2000 has 6x zoom instead of 4x, looks better, and has a 3″ LCD instead of a 2.5″.

E1 ($200)

The E1 is their hip little purse-cam. “Teens and tweens can now capture every ‘OMG moment’,” like the moment the PR person who wrote that sentence realized their life is a sham. But seriously, its stats are identical to the A1000: 10 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD. This one is for people who want to color-coordinate, assuming you wear only pastels.

SX110 IS ($300)

The “fool’s DSLR,” made to look serious but just packing the usual heat. It does have 10x optical zoom, which is nice, but you’d be hard pressed to hold it steady even with the OIS on. It has a 3″ LCD and 9 megapixels to its name.