Internet darling Kevin Rose says new iPods on September 9; MacBooks in late September?


We continue to hang on Kevin Rose‘s every word vis-à-vis Apple rumors.

He said on this week’s This Week in Tech podcast that, according to his sources, we should see an Apple event on September 9, where Jobs & Co. will introduce new iPods. This photo here is supposedly what the new iPod nano looks like—larger screen than last year’s model, and probably cheaper, too.

That’s what’s most interesting, to me at least. Rose was quite adamant about across-the-board price cuts for the iPods. Apple couldn’t get away with selling the iPhone 3G for $200 when it sells the iPod touch, which lacks cellphone and GPS service, for $300.

Basically, look for new iPods to be announced on September 9. New MacBooks and MacBook Pros, meanwhile, seem to be set for a late September. I don’t see Apple holding two media events within the same month, so maybe that’ll just be a Web site announcement?

Three cheers for speculation!