Spore: Galactic Edition unboxed

Whoo! With just about 2 weeks left before we’ll all be roaming the Spore universe as questionably shaped creatures of our own design, I’m finally letting myself get excited about this game.

While we’ve known what Spore: Galactic Edition would include for some time now (Game/Art DVDs, 128 pg Art of Spore book, 100 pg manual, and a poster), no one has really seen much of the goods beyond the (incredibly unhelpful) official product shot. After the doors opened at NVISION08, an unboxed copy was left laying around at the Spore kiosk for all of a few minutes.

I grabbed the shot above and a few shots of the Art of Spore book, and then went to make a quick lap of the hall. By the time I’d made it back around for some more shots, it was already boxed back up.