GamePark releasing new GP2X portable in October


GP2X, fine purveyor of open source handheld gaming devices, will be releasing the GP2X Wiz on October 9th for around $180. The Wiz will replace the F-200 from about a year ago. You can pre-order the Wiz at Play-Asia if you’re the type that likes to cross stuff off the to-do list well in advance.

The device features a 533MHz processor with 3D accelerator, Linux-based OS, an SDK, emulation support for most major old-school consoles and ROMs, video and music playback, 320×240 OLED touchscreen, 64MB of built-in storage (expandable via SD), Flash 7 support, and five hours of battery life for games and movies.

Here’s a complete list of features and specs:


[via Ars Technica]