Garmin refreshes two GPS lineups

Garmin makes more GPS units than I would care to count, but when the firm update two of their mainstream lineups, I take notice. Both the nüvi 2×5 and the 7×5 models were updated with the former of the two receiving lifetime NAVTEQ Traffic alerts and Bluetooth calling features. Pricing and availability for the 265T, 265WT and 275T should be out soon.  

The higher-end 7×5 series receives familiar tech updates. Something about the new features of Lane Assist and 3D buildings makes me think back a few days to the NAVIGON 7200T announcement. Moving on though, the Garmin units now have lifetime NAVTEQ traffic too, with the 785T receiving MSN Direct treatment. (think gas prices, weather reports, new…stuff like that) These models have already been priced with the 755T clocking in at $499, $599 for the 765T, $799 for the 775T and $699 for the 785T. No word on availability but we’re sure they will be out soon if the pricing is already out.

7X5 PR & 2X5 PR