ITV brands Friends Reunited re-launch a success – but where are the missing 12 million?

Perhaps the era when old media companies bought new social networks is now over? Why? Because an old media company has now re-made a social network on its own – and it appears to be working. After a fashion. The company in question is ITV, and the network is Friends Reunited. ITV says today that Friends Reunited has hit what it describes as “record numbers”, or 6.6m unique users across its network of sites.

The latest figures from Nielsen show that since the re-launch in May this year the number of unique users “has doubled” to 6.6 million users over the course of July, with 5.5 million visiting regularly.

Mind you, that is still well short of the 19 million registered members Friends Reunited has. But ITV/FR are saying the soc net attracts a rather slower moving older populatoin. Over 11 million of those users are over 35 and with an average user age of 42. Perhaps the rest just haven’t logged back in yet?