Security flaw in iPhone could expose your personal data (if you leave it unattended)


Did you know that putting a password on your iPhone is completely useless, as someone can your phone’s data with a couple of taps? Giz has the scoop, along with chilling video, that describes a method whereby en Evildoer can bypass the iPhone’s lock screen by tapping the emergency call icon once, then tapping the home button twice. From there you’ll have access to the phone’s data.

This can all be avoided by making it so that pressing the home button takes you back to the unlock screen (or iPod).

Sure, Apple doesn’t want this type of press floating about, especially when the news can sensationalize it like, “Hackers Can Steal Your iPhone’s Data Quicker Than A Hiccup—We’ll Tell You About It At 11pm.” And no, his won’t make businesses any keener on the iPhone.

But you know what? If you keep your iPhone on your person at all times, this really isn’t an issue. Really, you’re data’s never safe. WEP can be cracked in under a minute; WPA takes a little longer, but it can be done; any kid with a copy of ettercap can wreak havoc at the local Starbucks as he steals everyone’s Gmail info or bank login info, or a kid at the campus library can gain access to student ID information and mess with student accounts at will; and so on.

Again, all that doesn’t help Apple when it comes to trying to downplay this, but leave it to some junior producer at a CNN or Fox News to pitch this to his or her boss, and all of a sudden they sky is falling down.

Yes, I’m fairly cynical.

Moral of the story is, don’t leave your iPhone laying about and you’ll be A-OK. As for that other stuff, just hope some dopey kid doesn’t have too much time on his hands in your vicinity.