Thanko now sell earphones that aren't really earphones

It’s been a while but here is a new product from Thanko, Japan’s most innovative crap gadget vendor.

Their “Sound Lives Stereo Earphone” isn’t exactly what you could expect: It features a small speaker for the outer ear that swivels (up to 90 degrees). Thanko says their product is ideal for people suffering from ear fatigue and that their earphones even makes life (especially in bigger cities) safer because users will still hear sounds from the environment (trains, people, cars).

They don’t say, however, what to tell people who might feel disturbed by the music coming out of the speaker. If you still think Thanko’s product is worth ordering, you might want to check out Thanko’s online shop (in English). Unfortunately, the “Sound Lives Stereo Earphone” isn’t listed yet. It costs $18 on the Japanese web site.