Black is the new Black with Philips LED Backlighting

LED LUX is the name of the technology in the new 42PFL9803 television unveiled by Philips today that uses LED backlighting to produce more natural black colors.  With individual dimming control over 128 areas, LED LUX produces blacks that compete with plasma televisions, with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

“The LED LUX system comprises 128 segments of LED’s (1,152 LED’s in total) in 8 rows containing 16 segments.  Nine LED’s are assigned to each individual segment and these LED’s can be individually dimmed to precisely control the output of each pixel.  So, eve if a segment contains both brigth and dark portions, the pixel values of the dark portions can be dimmed to deliver optimum contrast performance.”

The black blacks of the LED LUX technology are augmented by Philip’s fancy Ambilight Spectra 2 system, which produces ambient lighting along the right and left side of the display based on the colors in the adjacent sections of the image on the screen.