Japanese company presents super-fast detector for bugging devices and hidden cameras

It seems corporate Japan gets more and more aware of IT security issues. Last month NTT introduced its advanced anti-Tempest device, now this: Tokyo based tech conglomerate Taisei recently presented a new portable system that is able to detect bugging devices and hidden cameras almost instantly.

The company claims that their completely self-developed machine just takes 20 seconds to check a room, compared to existing bug detectors that in some cases need hours to get the job done. The portable system is equipped with a camera, 16 electromagnetic sensors and a data analyzer plus display.

The Taisei machine locates bugs and spy cameras by detecting the electromagnetic waves they emit. Users first use the camera to take a photo of the room to be cleared and can then identify suspicious objects by a red dot on the image the system displays.

Taisei hopes to sell their detectors to local governments, police and private companies.

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]